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Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

At Coffee County Drug Court we perform drug and alcohol collection and testing in accordance with strict standards and scientifically accepted methods at competitive and very reasonable prices.  Our strict collection procedures include monitored testing to help ensure the sample is actually that of the employee/client's and has not been tampered with or adulterated in any way. Testing is performed by highly educated, experienced staff using state-of-the-art equipment.

We are proud to offer the only local testing lab that can test for Alcohol (ETG) and provide accurate lab results within 24 hours (usually same day if urine sample is received before noon). In cases where rapid results are urgent (such as on-the-job accidents) we can, for a small rush fee, have the results within an hour of receipt of the specimen by our lab.

We can offer a range of options to meet your needs.  We can test for just one drug or alcohol, a 3 panel screen (alcohol, marijuana & creatinine), or a full 8-panel screen (amphetamine, barbiturate, benzodiazepine, cocaine, opiate, alcohol (ETG), marijuana (THC) and creatine).  We can also send off urine samples to be tested for Spice (synthetic marijuana, K2/3/4, etc...) and/or Designer Stimulants (bath salts, fertilizer, etc....).  You can collect the specimen(s) and send or bring in to our office, or the person needing testing can come in to our office for us to perform the collection and testing to our strict standards.

We can also provide a breathalyzer test if you feel necessary, particularly in the case of on-the-job accidents or suspicion of intoxication. 

In addition to our onsite urine drug testing and breathalyzer service we also provide hair follicle collection and testing services, and urine collection and testing services for synthetic marijuana and/or designer stimulants such as bath salts and fertilizer, which is being sold in small packets in convenience stores and gaining popularity among teens.

To help you decide what type of test is best for your needs look at the chart below showing the drug/alcohol detection times:

  • Urine:
    • Alcohol (ETG) - up to 48 hours (maybe longer in some cases)
    • Marijuana (THC) - 2 days to 2 weeks (depends on usage, the more chronic usage the longer detection time)
    • Amphetamines -  1 to 2 days
    • Barbiturates - 1 day for short acting barbs, 2-3 weeks for long acting barbs
    • Benzodiazepines - 3 days for therapeutic dose, 4-6 weeks for chronic use of 1 or more years
    • Cocaine - 2 to 4 days
    • Opiates - 2 days
  • Hair: All drugs have a detection time of up to 60 days in the hair
  • Breathalyzer: Only detects the presence of alcohol on the breath as in recent use or intoxication, up to 10 hours


Who might be interested in our drug testing services?:

  • Parents concerned about their children
  • Employers & Staffing Agencies (pre-employment, random testing, suspicion of impairment on the job, on the job accidents)
  • Lawyers/Judicial Orders in court cases (ciminal, civil, child custody, etc...)
  • Probation Offices who need to monitor their clients on probation
  • Schools with a drug testing policy in place that allows them to test suspected students on school premises or involved in sports programs



Our Mission:

To support the Coffee County Drug Court Program by providing community education about addiction, as well as identifying and developing community resources that will enhance and expand the effectiveness of the Drug Court program.



















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