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Adult Drug Court

What is Adult Drug Court?

Adult Drug Court is a two-year treatment and aftercare program for non-violent offenders living in Coffee County, Tennessee.  It is limited to non-violent offenders whose current offense is clearly a result of illegal drug use or who can demonstrate a history of drug abuse.

The mission of Drug Court is to protect society by more efficiently using resources available to the criminal justice system to eliminate or significantly lower the number of criminal offenses committed by persons who have substance addictions. It is committed to assisting with the intervention, treatment and rehabilitation of eligible offenders who desire to change circumstances in their lives and break the cycle of drug dependency.

Drug Court Program Summary:

All participants will follow five phases in Drug Court. The Pre-Treatment Phase lasts 2 to 4 weeks. A key element of the Pre-Treatment Phase is that participants will be housed in a facility, not for punishment but to separate them from the environment that led to their addiction, until they have developed a minimum of avoidance skills. During Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 participants will return to the community, work or attend school full time, follow the treatment course, have frequent random drug screens, court appearances, twelve-step programs and perform community service. Upon successful conmpletion of the five phases, participants will graduate and will be required to participate in a year of aftercare, involving weekly group meetings, random drug screens, some court appearances, and alumni activities. Upon completion, participants will be discharged from the program, and any remaining supervision will be transferred to the Probation Office. Participants must remain clean and sober to complete the program successfully. NO DRUG OR ALCOHOL USE IS ACCEPTABLE AT ANY TIME!


Successful completion of Drug Court will bring the following rewards for the participant:

  • You will be clean and sober.
  • You will have a stable lifestyle.
  • You will maintain your job or will be furthering your education.
  • You will have improved health.
  • You will be a contributing member of society.




Our Mission:

To support the Coffee County Drug Court Program by providing community education about addiction, as well as identifying and developing community resources that will enhance and expand the effectiveness of the Drug Court program.

















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