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                 Coffee County Drug Court Foundation

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Welcome to Coffee County Drug Court Foundation

This web site is designed to provide information about who we are, our programs, and  the services we offer. Here, you will find information about our in-house drug testing lab and the testing services we offer, our Adult and Juvenile Drug Court Probation programs, our repeat offender DUI probation program, DUI classes, our Mental Health Court Program, and more.

We have also included a Links page containing links and contact information for other organizations and websites that we feel might be beneficial to you.

If you would like to contact us please click on the Contact Us button where you will find contact information for all of the personnel associated with our organization.
What is a Drug Court?
Drug Courts are an effective problem-solving approach for addressing the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in the court system. Developed in the early 1990s as a more effective alternative to traditional criminal justice prosecution for drug and alcohol related offenses, these courts work closely with non-violent offenders with drug and/or alcohol related charges in an effort to stop the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and criminal activity related to this abuse.
Drug courts closely monitor the client's progress toward sobriety and recovery. Drug courts provide access to to treatment, in-patient and outpatient therapy, perform frequent drug testing, require regular mandatory meetings with their assigned case manager, use a range of sanctions and incentives to foster positive behavior change, require regularly scheduled court appearances, and provide access to information regarding area meetings and other resources that would assist the client in halting their abuse and dependency and leading a successful drug free life within the community.

Our Mission:

To support the Coffee County Drug Court Program by providing community education about addiction, as well as identifying and developing community resources that will enhance and expand the effectiveness of the Drug Court program.
















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